Date From CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Files
1938 King Salmon leaping northern fishway.
1938 King Salmon caught by a fisherman in Loleta.
1938 Photograph of South Dobbyn Creek.
1938 Photograph of logged off hillside above log jam North of East Fork of Howe Creek.
1956 Pictures of Yager Creek showing the Jack Olsen Logging Show.
1964 Pictures of Benbow Dam, before and after the flood.
1965 29.5 Pound King Salmon caught in Singley Pool.
1966 Typical stream channel.
1966 Photos of Middle Fork of the Eel River
1967 Benbow Dam with lampreys migrating over it.
1973 Various pictures of the Ferndale area including sewer cleanout, manure dump, and concrete falls at Francis Creek.
1973 Photos of dead King Salmon and unspawned eggs.
1974 Butte Creek pictures of electofishing, washed out roads, and plugged culverts.
1974 The Eel River at Fernbridge.
1974 Overflow from highway west of Fernbridge.
1974 Downstream view of old Mill site on Sprowl Creek
1977 Pictures of Benbow dam modifications.
1979 Fishermen below Fernbridge.
1983 Photos of Hely Creek showing debris torrent, and log jams.
1995 Eel River photos with flood conditions.
1997 Van Duzen River map.
2002 Van Duzen River Cross Section at RM 2.5
2006 Picture of a Stripped Bass found in the Eel River.
1960-1970 Eaton Rough Falls, and berms to protect Redwoods along the Van Duzen.
No Date Property on Highway 101, purchased by Fish and Game.